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I have gravitated away from traditions. The only holiday I do celebrate in faith is New Years (fresh start on life).
When I was younger, I loved halloween, christmas, turkey day, however as the year progressed I found little time to uphold them. I have work to do, and other foundations to lay as I grow older and mature into my career. To many, they probably are still so special, but I don’t believe these holidays involving a pine treee, a fat bird, and pumpkins deserve so much recognition for what they are. Then again, if you put me under mistletoe with chocalate, and a a guy who looks like Taylor Lautner dressed in a leotard I might have another opinion (ladies I know you love thart one!)
I think it’s important to  understnad and to have the passion to continue to celebrate it. Birthdays, Weddings, and Grad Ceremonies are huge to me. They mark accomplishment in a person’s life. This is the tradition I know I will uphold for the rest of my life.

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Hidden Challenges

Isn’t interesting how as people grow up from youth into adulthood the passage of time is percieved different? Considering you spend your first 20 something years (in general sense) used to thinking in terms of days and minutes. A month was pretty long as a teenager, and for good reason. Usually as a kid shit happened more frequently out of your control which made the months longer. As an adult, it’s interesting to find how people think in years. I suppose it’s true as the saying goes “Doesn’t 20 years ago feel like it was yesterday?”… As my own self grows and matures personally and professionally, I start noticing-not finding but noticing-these god damn annoying little hidden challenges that can really hinder your day. You have to make time to go to the bank, drive to work for an hour, squeeze the extra time you have into the gym, the store, your family. And on top of that, you have your work-student or profession wise, or hell both. In the end, the grand purpose of these little annoying challenges is to make your capacity as a human being broader, deeper, and more compassionate. Afterall,  our parents managed to do that and the generations preceding them and they still managed to love us in some way despite the bills, the mortgage, the dog poop they had to pick up. Perhaps we have these challaenges to understand what our own parents went through.

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The changes I make with my vote

As I look at the victories of Legalized same-sex marriage in MN, WI, and WA I cannot help but feel so appreciative and hopeful about the country I live in and the freedom I have not as an “American” but as a Human Being. Seeing these victories shows me I am not alone and not powerless, that I can really make a difference in fighting for Human Rights and dignity. Seeing these victories gives me the power to understnad how incredibly amazing it is to be an educated person and not let someone else define my legal rights nor peronal freedoms. It gives me great confidence to know that within the next few elections Gay Marriage will not be a politcial issue, it will be normal like any other marriage under state law, and that I will enojoy these legal freedoms under the State of Arizona with no issue at all, alongside my loving husband :D The changes you can make with voting are life moving. Once upon a time, gays were killed and banished from society for being ‘queer’, today All people are learing diversity and peace amongst differences, and that is something I will keep voting for over and over again :D

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“Instant Gratification …”

One of the greatest challenges facing the current generation of youth is not something politcal nor economical. It isn’t something that Washington could change, hell even the President. What is currently, hurting our youth in multittude ways is a phenomena only evolved with the times right now. We call it “instant gratification”.

Instant gratification can be understood basically as “the inability to wait for something; must have at moment (right now!), and even laziness to make effort”. It is basic shortcutting in life that leads to/lead to incredibly short-term thinking on a nation scale if not global. A big, amjorly big, reason why instant gratification is harming these kids is impart to, it’s not one aspect of their lives, it’s their entire lives themselves. Because of this quick impulsive thinking, youth do not see bigger picture of scenario, nor the long term range of consequences/outcomes, and their overall potential as people in life. I give examples from my own experience as follows.
Lack of financial understnading is by far the number one issue of I.G. This generation does not respect money and throws it around like it’s a  shear toy. We see this in inumerable young adults in credit card debt, or worse. The lack of respect for money as a tool of power invites ignorance to further permeate the cultre and for bandits and thieves, to take advantage of the situation usually in monetray mean/profit.
Another issue, is emotional development. The amount of violence and “smut” on tv is disgusting. We are a generation desensitized to the most horrible imagery on media in our nation’s history, let alone it’s shear stupidty of content ie. “Jersey Shore’. This is NOT an argue for cenorship, this is an argue for being able to correctly understand and dismiss inhumane media viewing as daily habit and regarding it as “entertainment”: Reality tv, extreme gore, anything without substance.
Transistioning, on emotional development, since youth cannot process already current emotional states due to chemcical changes in body, maturely, the results after I. G. morphs their thinking is a cause for disaster. We can see this in how youth approach education, reltationships, family affairs, careers, etc. Even on negative side, looking at aspects like violent behavior is affected by I.G. Because these youth are so accomstomed to thinking in short (very short) attention spans and thinking patterns, combined with their natural change into adults, they lack the needed life skills to contribute to society and become capable and esablished adults. In extreme cases, there can be youth whom become so swayed by the moment, that they make drastic awful causes like charging a mass amount of debt ont heir credit, physically hurting/killing another individual just because they were angry, taking a “good-payong” job for a college education-only concerned about money at current moment. These are just few examples that I will point out, however they are extreme.
However, in opposition to my claim, there is the other argument. Kids are Kids. And they always will be. They will make mistakes, bad decisions, etc. and still grow and learn from them even throughout adulthood. To concern one’self with this, is to be concerned of spring coming after winter; it is natural and unchanging. Therefpre don’t be.
In the end, what’s important is how keenly we watch over our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters etc. to portect them given the context adn allow them to grow little by little so their childhood will have fond memories. There will be other cultural phenomena that will change a generation time and again, but each will pass like the last before it.
These are my thoughts today on life…

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To hear another’s voice

To hear another’s voice is to hear joy.

Lonliness is to truly suffer in Hell. Human Relationships of any kind provide strength to endure the infinity of life’s struggles. They are a stream of happiness that give lives substance and promote an overall larger picture if life’s potential subduing the negative tendancies that hinder and destroy our spirits. To hear another’s voice conversing with you, is a treasure not even all the gold in the universe could match. To be endowed with hearing song and melody, a written oath, a vow from the lips of a leader, a lover saying “I love you”, these are benefits of life that give rise to gratitude and appreciation, and these things will forever illuminate any dark into day. To hear another’s voice brings forth such miraculous joy that nothing outside this earth could dare dream to compare, for we are the greatest treasures in all of time. Human Voice is but one of our many blessings and rare fortune of being born human.

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Travel Through

I’d like to travel through time, back in time through my memories to go back to the times where I did the stupidest things. I would never change it, only would want to see it and feel it. To understand why I was there in that moment, why I am here now, and where will I be in the future. I’d like to see from a far, the choices I made and why I made them. Why I obssesed over tiny things and neglected the bigger ones. I’d like to meet the boy then and embrace his heart so he won’t feel so bitter anymore about his past. I want to tell him “It’s ok”. To encourage this cold hearted hurt youth to believe in fairy tales again and beieve in impossibe things coming true. To bring him into this new light right inside his heart. Now I will set out and do so :D


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